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What are the benefits of Meet a Student

Student jobs

We only have jobs that suit students and young professionals That’s our whole business concept.

Trainee programs

We think it should be easy to find and compare trainee programs. That is why we work with companies to gather everyone in one place.

Digital CV

Fill in your CV on our service and you will know where you have it. Download it as a PDF for free and take it wherever you want.


Do you need an extra job to increase your cash? We make it easy for you to connect with companies that need extra staff.


If you don’t need a job at the moment we still want you to be able to benefit from our service. That is why we offer the best student discounts on the web.

& mycket mer

You can also read company news, follow your favorite companies, do personality tests and much more.

“I heard about Meet a student from a fellow student and became a member. I filled in my CV and applied for a job and did not think much more about it. After a few days, the company wrote on their chat and offered me an interview. Then I got the job. It’s actually absolutely incredible. “

Miriam Andreasson

Why should you use our service?

Digital CV that you fill in once

Once you have become a member, you can easily fill in your CV directly on the platform. You only need to fill in the CV once and then you can apply for all our jobs. Should you need to apply for a job on another site, you can always download your CV as a PDF and attach it. We think it should be easy to apply for a job as a student.

Digital CV that you fill in once
Digital CV that you fill in once

Follow and talk to your favorite companies

All companies that advertise jobs with us are registered on the platform. Therefore, there is always a company representative that you can contact via our built-in chat system if you have any questions regarding a job or if you might want to send out a spontaneous application.

Follow and talk to your favorite companies
Follow and talk to your favorite companies

Unique jobs that are not found anywhere else

As we are the largest in Sweden for jobs for students and young talent, we can create unique collaborations with companies. This is the reason why they post jobs with us that you often can not find anywhere else.

Unique student jobs
Unique student jobs

Student discounts & events

We want to be a comprehensive platform that can offer you as a student or recent graduate everything you need. That is why we also produce unique student discounts together with our partner companies. We also have invitations to unique events that you can sign up for.

Student discounts and events
Student discounts and events

It’s always free

Our service is, and always will be, completely free of charge for you as a student. We are a bit like robinhood and take from the rich (companies) and give to the poor (students). So do not just sit there, come and join the community vettja!

Free personality test
Free personality test

“I’m actually not that interested in a job as I already have one and did not feel that I needed to test the service. But then a good offer appeared on instagram from you and therefore I became a member. Since then, Meet a Student has been my “go to place” to find student deals and discounts. “

Majan Silovic

Feedback from our students

We have connected students of all ages with interesting companies

Ahmad Jama

Thank you for responding to your customer service so quickly. Managed to get my application together in time. Now I am waiting for an answer and keep my fingers crossed for a positive answer.

Karin Andersson

I was told by a friend who used your service and thought I would test. I have not found an interesting job yet but I have my CV filled out and ready. Glad you can download it as a PDF as well.

Nina Janovic

I got the job! I’m so happy with your service. It was quickly simple and smooth.

Thomas Johnsson

Super service, found an interesting job and wrote to the company on the built-in chat before I applied. Got an answer right away, I never thought.

Test our service, its free!