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Nedan hittar du våra 3 senaste jobb. Bli medlem för att se alla våra studentjobb.

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“I heard about Meet a Student from a fellow student and became a member. I filled out my resume and applied for a job and didn’t think much more about it. After a few days, the company wrote on their chat and offered me an interview. Then I got the job, my first job as a student. It’s actually quite incredible.”

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As a member of Meet a Student, you get access to the latest jobs for young talent. You can contact all companies directly via our built-in chat.
Every week you will receive an email with the latest jobs and an offer that is uniquely designed for our members.

Why use Meet a Student?

  1. Collaborations with companies
    1. We do not collect jobs from other platforms. All companies that post a job with us have registered, which creates greater commitment.
  2. Unique jobs
    1. We have many jobs that cannot be found anywhere else.
  3. Everything in one place
    1. You don’t have to look around in different places and sort for jobs that suit you. We have collected all jobs in one place.
  4. User friendly
    1. We have spent a lot of time making our platform as user-friendly as possible. It should be easy to apply for a job!
  5. Never miss a job
    1. Receive exclusive job offers directly in your email. We send out an email with all jobs that fit your profile once a week.
  6. Communicate
    1. Since all companies have their own profile, you can contact them directly via our built-in chat function.

What do our members say?

Ahmad Jama

Thank you for responding to your customer service so quickly. Managed to get my application together on time. Now I’m waiting for a response and keeping my fingers crossed for a positive response.

Karin Andersson

Heard from a friend who used your service and thought I’d give it a try. I haven’t found any interesting job yet but I have my CV filled out and ready. Nice that you can download it as a PDF too.

Nina Janovic

I got the job! I am so satisfied with your service. It was quick, easy and smooth.

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