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Reach over 70,000 students, newly graduates and young professionals.
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What are the benefits of Meet a Student

The right target group

Reach out to students and young professionals.

Employer branding

If you do not hear, you will not be seen. Tell the students about your company.

More than just jobs

Boost your communication with students and post company news, offers and much more.

Part time jobs

Do you need staff for part-time roles? Since many of our members are still studying they are very interested in these roles to gain experience and get some additional income.

Student discounts

Our members are interested in much more than just jobs, take the opportunity to reach out with unique offers for your products/services.

& Much more

No matter what content you wish to reach out with Meet a Student is your partner for this. Get in touch for a discussion regarding different opportunities.

“I heard about Meet a student from a fellow student and became a member. I filled in my CV and applied for a job and did not think much more about it. After a few days, the company wrote on their chat and offered me an interview. Then I got the job. It’s actually absolutely incredible. “

Miriam Andreasson

Why is our student service so good?

Reach the right audience

At Meet a Student, there are only jobs that suit students, recent graduates and young professionals.


These people are looking for extra jobs, dissertations and simpler full-time jobs.

New graduates

People who have recently graduated and their first jobs or trainee positions.

Young professionals

These are people with 1-3 years of work experience after their studies. These are looking for jobs that require a little more experience.

The application process

Keep the entire application process on our platform or drive traffic to your own application page

Our own system

We offer all companies that do not have an existing recruitment system to use our self-developed. You then keep the entire application process on the platform and can administer all applications in a user-friendly system.

Own application page

Do you have your own application page? No problem. By entering the link to the application page when you publish the job advertisement, our application system will be closed and the candidates will be sent directly to your own page.

We do what is best for your company

We let you as a company choose for yourself which of the above alternatives best suits your existing recruitment process. Our goal is to offer our members a site with suitable jobs. How the application then goes is up to you.

Work with Employer Branding

Attract the best talent by influencing how students perceive your company.

Company page

SEO-optimized company page with company information, vacancies and why you are an attractive workplace is included free of charge for all future.

Share news & press releases

Share your news and press releases to create a high level of commitment.


Communicate with users who like your company via our built-in chat system.

“I’m actually not that interested in a job as I already have one and did not feel that I needed to test the service. But then a good offer appeared on instagram from you and therefore I became a member. Since then, Meet a Student is my “go to place” to find student offers and discounts. “

Majan Silovic

Feedback from our students

We have connected students of all ages with interesting companies

Ahmad Jama

Thank you for responding to your customer service so quickly. Managed to get my application together in time. Now I am waiting for an answer and keep my fingers crossed for a positive answer.

Karin Andersson

I was told by a friend who used your service and thought I would test. I have not found an interesting job yet but I have my CV filled out and ready. Glad you can download it as a PDF as well.

Nina Janovic

I got the job! I’m so happy with your service. It was quickly simple and smooth.

Thomas Johnsson

Super service, found an interesting job and wrote to the company on the built-in chat before I applied. Got an answer right away, I never thought.

The First job is always free of charge

We understand that you want to test drive a car before you buy it. Therefore, we let you test run our platform without any connections so you can see how we can complement your current recruitment process and existing channels.

Prices after the first job advertisement

1995 kr

Only need to post once in a while

Per post

  • 3
  • 30 days publication time
  • No additional costs
  • An administrator

3995 kr

Posting jobs on a regular basis

Per month

  • 4 active jobs a month
  • Up to 2 administrators
  • Extra functionality
  • No fixation