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Privacy Policy

It is important for us at Meet a Student that you as a user have the confidence to let us handle and store data about you as a user. We work to have full transparency regarding how we collect and handle your data and thus ensure that we do this in a legal and reliable manner. Below we describe in detail what data we collect about you as a user and what we use that data for. We also explain how we protect it and what rights you have.

We protect your privacy.

The company is owned and operated by Meet a Group international AB Org no: 559191-1747

Contact information
Personal data manager
Meet a Group international AB is responsible for personal data and is responsible for the data processed by the Meet a Student brand. Meet a Group international AB decides the purpose of the treatment and in what way it should go.

Meet a Group international AB ( 559191-1747)
BOX 17233
104 62 Stockholm

Personal data representative
Our personal data representative ensures that your data is processed in a correct and legal manner with us. If you want to get in touch with our personal data representative, you can call or email our customer service.

Data and how we handle it

Data is information that we have and collect about you and how you use our services. This data is used to give you as a user a good experience and to be able to use our service.

What type of data do we collect

Customer data
Customer data is information about you. This can be email, phone number, job, education, hobbies, knowledge, etc. It can also be information about the type of account you have and how you use the service, your orders, user ID and other information that you provided when contacting us and the service.

Tracking data
Tracking data is information about how you use the service. Tracking data is used for the purpose of being able to improve the service and offer you the best possible user experience.

How we collect data
The majority of the data that we collect you enter as a user yourself. This is data that is collected during registration and is, for example, information about your age, where you want to work geographically, your education, your hobbies, salary level, etc. It is also data that you enter when you fill in your profile and this is, for example, your address, telephone number, your language level, your jobs, your educations, etc.

Data that you do not enter yourself
We collect data about you as a user that our service collects automatically. This is, for example, order information, information about how you use the service, information that the browser collects in the form of cookies, how many times your profile has been viewed, etc.

What we use your information for

In order to process data, there must be a legal basis and support in the data protection regulations. Below we explain what legal support we have for processing different data.

Use of the service:
Legal basis: Fulfillment of contract
In order for you to use the service, we process data to identify you as a user and your account, which orders you have placed. We also process data to be able to help you if there are errors or questions from there as a customer.

Legal basis: legitimate interest (customer data) and consent (traffic data)
In order to communicate with you, we must process your data.

Development of our services:
Legal basis: legitimate interest (customer data) and consent (traffic data
In order to develop and make our service better, we process your data. This can be done by collecting data about you and other users to compile analyzes that show how you use the service.

Direct marketing:
Legal basis: legitimate interest (customer data) and consent (traffic data).
In order to market our products or give you attractive offers that we have negotiated with other companies, we must process your data. The communication takes place via email, sms, telephone or letter. We may also collect data to create statistics for the purpose of creating analyzes.

Prevention of misuse of the service and creation of information security:
Legal basis: performance of contracts (customer data) and legal obligation (traffic data)
In order to ensure that your information is secure and that our service is not used illegally or in a manner that is contrary to our terms, we may use your data. We may also use data to detect fraud or virus attacks.

Compliance with laws:
Legal basis: legal obligation
We process data in order to fulfill our statutory obligations.

How long your data is stored

Your data is stored as long as you are a member of our service.

To whom do we disclose data

Your data may be left to:

– Companies that we work with to be able to provide our service. These are, for example, companies that we use to be able to communicate with you.

Recruitment companies or companies that employ that we work with. This is only done with your consent.

  • Companies or people you choose to share your profile with. You choose this yourself and can make your profile inaccessible afterwards so that those you shared your profile with can no longer access it.

How we protect your data

We are constantly working to protect your privacy. We do this by developing our IT infrastructure and internal routines. Your data is available on servers in Sweden and is protected by the latest encryption and security technology.

You decide over your data

All data that we collect about you as a user is yours and you can choose which data should be available and which should be deleted.
Deletion or updating of data
In your account you can see all customer data that we process. You can update or delete this data yourself in your account.
You can not see some traffic data in your account, but you can contact us if you want to know what information we have or if you want us to delete it.
Delete your account and all your details
As a user, you can delete all your data yourself by deleting your account. There is a button to delete your account in your account settings. When your account is deleted, all your data from our systems is deleted except for order information which the Accounting Act requires us to save.

Your rights
You as a user have the right to receive information about how we process your data and what the purpose of the data collection is. Below we list your rights.

Right of access

You have the right to receive information free of charge about what data we have collected about you. This information is available in your account. The information that is not available in your account, you have the right to have it sent to you via email without any delay and within one month.

Right to rectification

If you discover that any information is incorrect, you have the right to have it corrected. The majority of the information we save is available in your account and you can update it yourself whenever you want. If the information is not available in your account, you have the right to contact us and have the information corrected.

Right to delete

You have the right to have your data deleted. You delete your information yourself from your logged in page. If you do not access your account, you have the right to contact us and answer our security questions and then have your information deleted.

Right to object

You have the right to object to the data we collect about you. You must then specify what information you have objections to and we will consider implementation.

Right to data portability

You have the right to obtain your information and use it elsewhere. For example, move your information to another company.

Right to report violation

Should you consider that your data is being processed in violation of applicable laws, you should report this to us as soon as possible. You can also submit your complaint to the Data Inspectorate.