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Hive Streaming began in 2007 as a research project at the Swedish Institute for Computer Science and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Today, Hive empowers global enterprises to engage their entire workforce using consistent, stable and secure live and on-demand video broadcasts and granular audience analytics. Team collaboration is heightened by Hive’s patented peer-to-peer (P2P) technology.

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"At Hive, we hire the best people. Not to do "what needs to be done" but to do the best work they can to make us grow. At Hive, your opinion, your input, and your attitude is truly "wanted". As I Team Lead, I want you to disagree, be passionated and simply just to do what you can to make it better." Anna Zubenko, Software Engineer & Team Lead Works: Remote/From the Stockholm Office, has been with Hive for about 1.5 years.

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