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Nytt AB wants to help customers take a step by step approach to improving the communication of their manufacturing setup. We aim to facilitate better communication between the operators, the managers and the machines and help them become more information-driven in their decision making. The idea is to have a bottom-up approach to decision making and make the manufacturing companies operator-driven. We strive to provide simple and easy to use solutions developed from readily available technology to help customers take the first step to get data from their machines, empower operators to make informed decisions, impart knowledge between the operators and managers and become more profitable. Our goal is to help out small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises improve their information flow, productivity and utilization of resources, thus making them more profitable.

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We provide an excellent learning platform for anyone who decides to work here. There is always support to onboard new employees, we empower our employees to question every decision and come up with their own suggestions to make a better judgement. Most of our employees that we have hired are recent graduates and the learning curve experienced by them has been huge.

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Master thesis student: Sales and marketing