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Sustainable Urban Last Mile Solutions     Flexible, fast and climate-smart deliveries.

A proud Swedish company that is delivering ultra-efficient last-mile solutions to fans, free-lancers, and the world's largest logistics companies. At Velove we improve city logistics - with our award-winning heavy cargo bike Armadillo. 

Our solution consists of two main parts: an electric cargo bike that satisfies all types of transportation needs and a containerization system that improves last-mile delivery time and protects parcels.
- Our mission is to replace as many vans as possible!

The bike

The Velove Armadillo is a high-capacity cargo bike that is narrow, agile and fast enough to be used on bike lanes, with great ergonomics and that is a pleasure to ride. Useful features for city logistics such as silky smooth suspension, 1 m3 safe box with container system and semi-trailer. Designed to endure everyday, heavy-duty use.


Varför jobba här

We are hiring, join the team! 

Do you want a flexible extra-job, where you choose when to work - and also get paid immediately? We are now looking for new riders to join our Velovely team. 

We are a start-up company with a vision to rapidly change the world of urban mobility and at the same time reduce climate change and create livable cities. With our new, more energy-efficient, solution we make the experience of home deliveries more personal, faster, and smoother - while we are also contributing to a greener and a more attractive Stockholm City. Right now, due to Covid-19, we are also helping people to stay safe at home. 

"This extra-job is perfect to combine with my studies. It's also fast money and I get paid well. With this job I have got to know a lot of new people and made new friends. It's also very fun to be a part of a Start-up that's constantly growing. The bike and the experience is easy and fun. I thought it would be harder than it was, but the training program is well worked through and I also have good teachers" - Ebba Forsberg, Rider @ Velove after her first shift 

"I have to say that this is the extra job that I have dreamed of. I am out riding on the coolest of bikes, reducing CO2 emissions, making the city a friendlier place and it is loads of fun. Also very rewarding in these times to actually help a lot of people to stay at home!” - Alex Gaio, MSc-Student in Sustainable Urban Planning and Rider @ Velove 

We are looking for you who's a student, but are searching for a fun, active, and flexible extra-job. You have good knowledge about riding a bike in Stockholm City, is service-minded and enjoys a high pace. We are a fast-growing company that soon will expand to more cities around Europe. At our headquarter, we will also be looking for Interns and other roles in the company - and of course, we will search among our Riders first. 


- You are 18 years old, or older 

- You are a student 

- You either speak Swedish or English

 - You have basic knowledge of riding a bike, preferably in Stockholm City

 Apply today, we want you on board!

Workplace and values 

We are a fast-growing service company. Our Hubs in Stockholm is the first of many more Hubs to surface in the European cities in the future.  

Core values
  • Be Velovely

We listen, support, share what we know and have, act transparently, care for each other and go the extra mile. We are Velovely!

  • Lead the way

We believe that there are smart environmentally friendly solutions to every problem. By collaboration and building partnerships we will enable people to accelerate in saving the future and reimagine the industry.

  • Make it happen

To reimagine the industry we stay curious and brave. We act agile and radical. We strive for success.

Our velovely mission

At Velove we improve city logistics. We are driven by an innovative, brave and inspiring approach to lead last mile deliveries into sustainable solutions. We are dedicated people striving to change how we move goods and people in our mission to replace as many vans as possible. We strive to help people accelerate into a liveable future. We aim to make the planet and cities Velovely.

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Flexible extra job as a Rider in Stockholm!