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Flexible extra job as a Rider in Stockholm!

Stockholm Transport & logistik Deltid

Do you want a flexible extra-job, where you choose when to work - and also get paid immediately?

We are now looking for new riders to join our Velovely team. We are a start-up company with a vision to rapidly change the world of urban mobility and at the same time reduce climate change and create livable cities. With our new, more energy-efficient, solution we make the experience of home deliveries more personal, faster, and smoother - while we are also contributing to a greener and more attractive Stockholm City. Right now, due to Covid-19, we are also helping people to stay safe at home.

We are looking for you who's a student, but are searching for a fun, active, and flexible extra-job. You have good knowledge about riding a bike in Stockholm City, are service-minded, and enjoy a high pace. We are a fast-growing company that soon will expand to more cities around Europe. At our headquarter, we will also be looking for Interns and other roles in the company - and of course, we will search among our Riders first. 

What our riders say about working with us: 

"This extra-job is perfect to combine with my studies. It's also fast money and I get paid well. With this job I have got to know a lot of new people and made new friends. It's also very fun to be a part of a Start-up that's constantly growing. The bike and the experience are easy and fun. I thought it would be harder than it was, but the training program is well worked through and I also have good teachers" - Ebba Forsberg, Rider @ Velove after her first shift 

"I half to say that this is the extra job that I have dreamed of. I am out riding on the coolest of bikes, reducing CO2 emissions, making the city a friendlier place and it is loads of fun. Also very rewarding in these times to actually help a lot of people to stay at home!” - Alex Gaio, MSc-Student in Sustainable Urban Planning and Rider @ Velove 


- You are 18 years old, or older 

- You are a student

 - You either speak Swedish or English

 - You have basic knowledge of riding a bike, preferably in Stockholm City 

Apply today, we want you on board!

Om Velove

Sustainable Urban Last Mile Solutions

     Flexible, fast and climate-smart deliveries.

A proud Swedish company that is delivering ultra-efficient last-mile solutions to fans, free-lancers, and the world's largest logistics companies. At Velove we improve city logistics - with our award-winning heavy cargo bike Armadillo. 

Our solution consists of two main parts: an electric cargo bike that satisfies all types of transportation needs and a containerization system that improves last-mile delivery time and protects parcels.
- Our mission is to replace as many vans as possible!

The bike

The Velove Armadillo is a high-capacity cargo bike that is narrow, agile and fast enough to be used on bike lanes, with great ergonomics and that is a pleasure to ride. Useful features for city logistics such as silky smooth suspension, 1 m3 safe box with container system and semi-trailer. Designed to endure everyday, heavy-duty use.


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