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Senior Project Engineer to ABB

Företag: Northern Skill

Sista ansökningsdag : 2024-05-30

About the position:
We are looking for someone who wants to implement the customer functionality of the Stressometer system. Our cutting/edge product Stressometer is used for measuring and controlling the flatness in the metal sheets produced in cold rolling mills.

Main tasks:
- Participation in kick-off meetings as technical coordinator for the Stressometer flatness measurement and control system together with the project team and the customer at the project startup.

- Understanding, assessment, and discussion of the customer-specific requirements and the possibly already existing system landscape on site to create the highest possible benefit for the customer regarding quality, cost, and commissioning time.

- Specification of the network-, signal-, and fieldbus interfaces between the Stressometer flatness measurement and control system to be integrated and the existing or newly emerging process control and automation landscape in the rolling mill on-site.

- Planning, structuring, and preparation of the specifically for the customer rolling mill customized flatness measurement and control application and the graphical HMI system for the rolling mill operators based on existing, standardized, and continuously evolving configurable / parameterizable application components and libraries of the Stressometer product.

- Transfer and implement of the created application onto the Stressometer delivery system, examination, and verification of the function and control behavior with subsequent technical acceptance and approval of the system before delivery to the customer.

- Technical support to the globally acting personnel at the plants during service and commissioning missions.

- Generation of project specific customer documentation as part of the scope of delivery which contains a description of the delivered application in line with the signal interface and a user instruction for the supplied graphical HMI system.

    Who do we think you are?
    For the position of project engineer, we seek a candidate with a collaborative spirit, adept at enhancing team dynamics and fostering a harmonious workplace. The ideal applicant possesses a keen analytical mind, capable of navigating intricate problems with efficiency. Communication is key; thus, we value candidates who can articulate their thoughts clearly and effectively, both in writing and speech. A solid educational foundation in a technical or engineering field is preferred, complemented by practical experience in similar industry roles.

    About the Assignment
    This is a project employment that extends until 2024-12-31, with a good possibility to extension. During this period, you will be employed as a consultant with us at Northern Skill.


    Northern Skill is the personal recruitment company with Northern Swedish as the corporate language and is more interested in who you are than how good you are at writing a CV.

    If you don’t have the world’s most attractive CV, you can always present yourself through free text in the application, or why not give us a call? Talk to you soon!

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