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Young Talent Program 2024

Företag: AI Sweden

Sista ansökningsdag : 2024-05-18
Are you curious about AI and have just graduated high school? 

AI Sweden's Young Talent program is aimed at those who have recently graduated from high school (in Swedish gymnasiet) and are interested in AI. The program begins in the fall of 2023 and extends over at least one semester. 

The program spans over 50% during the fall (2023) and possibly 50-100% during the spring (2024). The fall involves studies of different AI technologies and supporting AI Sweden’s researchers and partners. 

During the spring semester, you can have the possibility to intern with one of AI Sweden's partners, where you become a be part of their AI team. The continuation of the program during the spring is not guaranteed. 

You will be required to work mainly on site at an office but also have the choice to work some hours from home. The entire program time is paid. During the cohort 2023/2024, the program participants are located in Eskilstuna, Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund and Örebro but more cities may be added. Don't hesitate to apply if you live elsewhere! 

Participants will be accepted on an ongoing basis, so submit your application today! The application deadline is May 18th.  Who is the program aimed at? 

The application is open to those who have graduated high school (gymnasium) within the last three years and have NOT started post-secondary education (e.g. studies at a college, university or vocational university). We would like you to have some knowledge of and interest in programming and AI. If the subjects are completely new to you, you may need to take basic courses during the summer to prepare for the start of the program. You can send your application in Swedish or English. Read more about the program here

What do past participants say?  

"My idea for the program was to learn about AI, get lots of helpful contacts, secure internship opportunities, and lay a strong foundation for my future career. I am happy to say that all of these goals have been achieved!" - Minna Leijonhufvud, Young Talent 22/23

"I didn't think it would be so much fun, nor that you could learn so much in such a short time. So the program has definitely exceeded my expectations" - Herman Hallonqvist, Young Talent 22/23

"I have a more defined sense of what I want to work with in the future and I have already created a network with some very interesting contacts." - Victor Fagerström, Young Talent 21/22 

Introducing the Young Talents of 2023 (video clip).

AI för framtiden (recording of an event hosted by Young Talents in 2022).

Do you have questions about the Young Talent program or the application? Do not hesitate to contact Sofia HedénPlease note that candidates who have started post-secondary education (e.g. university) or graduated from high school more than three years ago, are not eligible for the program. 

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