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6 Innovating ways to master your job interview!

Here are 6 smart things you can do improve your job interview.

1.Brain candy: an intellectual treat.

Wait… what?

I’m assuming that you are going to read up on the person, the company and the job itself. So, you when you do. Be practical, do a bit more research, call a friend and figure out the common issues and solutions. 

When you are talking to the hiring manager give them something that either saves them time, makes them money or avoids them from losing time or money. Give the person you are speaking with an intellectual treat. ;)

2. Think human first, the hiring manager is a person with feelings too.

Yes, the person who is grilling you and checking to see if you fit all the boxes is a person with a life, friends and family. So, ask how the person is doing. If that person does shows “busy” behavior. You can give them a friendly reality check by asking “Is this a good time?” I understand we planned the interview, but you seem a bit in a rush, how is work at the moment?... 

9/10 they will slow down and focus on the conversation. It’s a bit scary… but worth it.

3. Ask the right questions.

There are certain questions that really don’t help or matter. Sorry… but some just don’t.

The general rule of thumb is that if you as asking a question that could be answered with a socially acceptable response, you will get one. This doesn’t help anyone. 

Focus on goals, challenges and expectations. What do you want to do this year? What is your focus in this quarter? How can I help? What do you expect from me in the first 6 months. This will provide you with very specific details on if the role fits with what you are looking for.

4. No monologue 

If you are taking for more than 10 seconds, the other person will get too many impulses and information. Their brain will do a funny trick, it will shut down and only listen for keywords that they are interested in. You do the same, your mind “wonders off…” for example when you are reading an article…. Are you still with me? ;)

So, take a pause now and then, speak in clear and easy to understand language and keep it short. Give the other person some clear moments to say the magic words “Interesting… tell me more” …

 And… “Ok, great, thanks” could be an indication to close the subject and move on…

 5. Answer the question that is asked.

When the hiring manager is asking you a direct or closed question. Just reply yes or no, or if they are asking specific information like how much clients you signed, reply with the number of clients you signed. Then ask if they would like to have more details on the matter.

What if you don’t know the answer? Be honest say you don’t know. Then ask why they would like to know this information.

6. The cliffhanger

During your interview, ask about some personal interests, it can be work related or non-work related. What would this person always like to hear about? For me, it’s sailing catamarans or food or new ideas about prospecting. So when you do your follow up email and and you email me about this, I will remember you for life.

So…when you walk out the door you say….

Look out for my follow up email “I’ll send you some tips on how to eat burgers while sailing on a catamaran”  …

I can guarantee you I will be refreshing my inbox as soon as you walk you the room ;)

Hope this helps, if you need more tips send me a message directly.



PS: share this with friends and challenge them to come up with some creative / innovative ways to rock your interview.